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3 Purley Road, Purley CR8 2HA London Uk

Loudspeaker Repair

Modern smartphone phone speakers are challenging but don’t always hold up to dust and dirt. A software or app glitch on your device can also cause muffled audio output. Worse, the phone’s speaker completely stops working. If your phone’s speaker has stopped working, don’t worry because some simple fixes will make your speaker work again. […]

Microphone Repair

Making calls on the phone is something we do all the time, so it can be very annoying if your phone’s microphone isn’t working. I know how frustrating it can be if you’ve been unable to. Android   Here are some reasons why the microphone doesn’t work  Mobile network issues: Problems you are experiencing with your […]

Headphone Jack Repair

Listening to music has become such a big part of smartphone usage that many people prefer to use headphones to make calls. The next major component required besides headphones is the headphone jack.  On most Android phones, the headphone jack is wired to the phone’s motherboard, so a loose headphone jack is likely due to […]

Charging Port Replacement

Our mobile phones have become an integral part of our daily lives. Most of the time, mobile phones contain many personal and business information we need for our daily activities. From setting alarms, creating to-do lists, creating documents, connecting with family and friends, using messaging and social media apps, to all forms of virtual audiovisual […]

Battery Replacement

Why does my cell phone battery die so quickly? There can be multiple reasons for this problem, but the leading cause is more related to “carrying and charging habits” than anything else.  Yes, you read that correctly. If your phone battery doesn’t last long, the main things to look out for are how you use […]

Screen Replacement

But if your phone’s screen is broken, you need to replace the phone screen immediately, but the question is how to replace the screen. According to the expert technicians: a broken phone screen cannot be repaired. So the screen can replace it. It is because the screen of the phone is made of glass material. […]

Touch Screen Digitiser Replacement

Many people consider that the digitizer is the touch screen. Still, the digitizer is a glass panel that converts your touch into signals that your iPhone and other smartphones use to do what you want. The digitizer is not the glass you touch but underneath the top layer of glass.  Its primary purpose is to […]

Diagnostic Service

Most people want their cell phones and laptops to work appropriately without creating issues and problems. In this case, if you’re going to fix your phone and laptop don’t need to find someone else. We are trained and expert technicians in our repair store. We always prefer to use genuine parts and deal with authorized […]

Power Button Repair

When you want to start your day by checking your day’s schedule or doing other things with your phone, you open your phone by pressing the power button, but it doesn’t respond. Then you try pushing harder, but the same thing happens. As an expert, we recently noticed that physical buttons on phones are an […]

Mute Button Repair

Most of us have an iphone and Android smartphone, and we know that both have different functions and designs. As you find on the iphone, there is a separate button, but on the android, the power button is used as the mute button.  The mute button is also known as the ringer/mute button. It is […]