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Headphone Jack Repair

Listening to music has become such a big part of smartphone usage that many people prefer to use headphones to make calls. The next major component required besides headphones is the headphone jack. 

On most Android phones, the headphone jack is wired to the phone’s motherboard, so a loose headphone jack is likely due to overuse, abuse, or foreign objects. People trying to figure out how to fix a headphone jack ended up making it worse. They don’t understand how it works. 

To fix a loose headphone jack, you need to understand why it’s open in the first place. A loose headphone jack can be either mechanical damage (you should hire a professional) or personal negligence (you can fix it yourself).

Following are the tips to fix the headphone jack of the mobile phone:

  • Irregularity of the jacks:

Another cause of loose headphone jacks on mobile phones is irregularities in the jack in question. If it does not fit due to damage or misalignment of the design, the headphone jack will inevitably become loose. We can resolve Jack’s irregularities by trying other headphones to find the right one. Forcing an ill-fitting or small plug-in will not give you what you want and may cause further damage to your device, so you must ensure it is correct. 

  • Mechanical Damage. 

A loose headphone jack may be due to mechanical damage. It could result from an accident, overuse, or forced use of headphones not designed for a particular type of jack. It is the worst-case scenario for a loose headphone jack. In most cases, it will need to be repaired by a local repair professional. At least it’s good that we can fix it. Solving such problems from home is not impossible but can be very difficult and dangerous given that you may not have the necessary equipment to solve them.

  • blockage issues 

The blockage is the leading cause of loose headphone jacks in personal error. If the headphone jack is blocked with dirt, cloth, or dust particles, the headphones tend not to fit correctly. The good thing is that you can care for it in the comfort of your own home. 

 To unblock the headphone jack, gently remove debris with a needle or remove the thread blocking it. Blowing air to push out the dust is also effective, but be careful not to blow more than that, as it may cause blockage. 

Suppose you’re a pro and have that equipment. If you lose your phone, you can replace it with a good headphone jack by removing the damaged headphone jack and soldering it to the motherboard. It is not an easy task. To correct the decision should be made by a professional. For this, Broadway is here! Feel free to contact us through our website. We are offering the best services all over the UK. We have the best technicians to fix your issues as soon as possible.