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Power Button Repair

When you want to start your day by checking your day’s schedule or doing other things with your phone, you open your phone by pressing the power button, but it doesn’t respond. Then you try pushing harder, but the same thing happens.

As an expert, we recently noticed that physical buttons on phones are an increasingly rare sight. But we still rely on several buttons to perform basic actions like waking the screen and tweaking the volume. Since we interact with them daily, mechanical keys can wear out over time.

If your volume button is not working or your power button is unresponsive, it might not be the first option to rush to the service center. So, what can we do? Why is my phone’s power button not working? Do you want to know what to do when the power button on your phone doesn’t work? 

Here are some common reasons that are why your Power button isn’t working, such:

  • There are higher chances that the phone case is blocking the Power button.
  • Maybe your mobile power button is damaged or dirty.
  • There may be a problem with the software or an app on your device.
  • There’s a hardware issue with your iPhone.

If we find/diagnose the problem, then the first thing we all do is to go to the search engine without wasting our time and find the solution. Even many of us find the solution that is why the power button is working again. But sometimes, all these solutions waste a person’s time and energy. 

Here are some soft tricks and methods by which your phone may be working again. 

  • It is essential to check if there’s any dent on the power button on your phone because it may happen that your phone fell on the ground and the power button got stuck or broken. If the power button is broken, you will need to replace it.
  • The other option is to try long pressing your phone’s power button for thirty seconds and see if it can reboot. Because rebooting would help if the power button is not responding because of any software or application glitch. When you reboot the device, it will help restart all the apps. 
  • Connecting your phone to a charger or USB would cause your phone to wake, then you can use your screen unlock as an option to open your phone.
  • If all the solutions are not workable, then the last option is to find an expert nearby in the UK and repair your power button.

Broadway is here to help you, and you do not need to worry but still keep in mind that if your mobile is still unresponsive even if you connect the charger and someone calls you and all the tricks are not working, it means there is a problem in your phone, not your power button. 

We have the best technicians and experts that help you to find the root of the problem rather than repair your power button and return your phone. The policy of the local repair store we have worked for the last 13 years in this laptop and mobile repair industry. 

Broadway has a reputation because of their customer and clients’ trust and belief. Because of our client’s trust and loyalty now we expand our stores not only in London but also in the prime locations of the UK.