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Mute Button Repair

Most of us have an iphone and Android smartphone, and we know that both have different functions and designs. As you find on the iphone, there is a separate button, but on the android, the power button is used as the mute button. 

The mute button is also known as the ringer/mute button. It is used to put your iPhone on silent/mute or ringer mode with one touch. If things go wrong, the individual can be in for a particular inconvenience at that point. The new age of online explains that some people cannot use this powerful utility to ring or mute their iPhones. This article is for you if you’re working through the confusion and looking for recommendations. 

Steps to fix the mute button not working efficiently on the iPhone At this point, this guide has outlined various strategies to repair the iPhone mute button not working regardless of the iPhone model. The mute button on the left half of the 

The iPhone is beneficial and easily puts the ringer on silent or mute mode quickly. Many issues have been identified with the mute button no longer working and may prevent you from turning on the quiet way or your iPhone from ringing. 

Sometimes gadgets get stuck in silent mode during a standard swap. Luckily, if your iPhone is under warranty, you can get a free replacement at the Apple Store right now. But many of us enable it because Apple phones only offer one year of security. What to do if your iPhone is unresponsive if the mute button is not working? Then you can use and find the third-party stores to fix iPhone mute buttons not working. 

  • Clean Mute Button 
  • Check for updates 
  • Check if the button is dead. Restart your phone.

If the above does not resolve your mute button issue, you may need to contact professional services to fix it. But don’t worry. You’ve come to the right place. 

Broadway is one of the top and best laptop and mobile repairing companies in the UK and London. We have been in this tech-oriented industry for the last 13 years and have the best team of professionals/ experts. 

Broadway offers the best service and management to repair your iPhone at a very affordable price. Our experienced professionals use the best equipment, technology, and innovations to deliver the very best. Please bring your mobile phone or pick it up by phone. What are you looking for now? If you have any problem and need help to solve it, feel free to contact us.

You can visit our official website and call us any time. We offer our services 24/7, and broadway stores are in the prime location in the UK, so people find us easily and quickly. Our priority is to satisfy our clients and customers. We have a little bit of a different repairing process than the local ones.