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Microphone Repair

Making calls on the phone is something we do all the time, so it can be very annoying if your phone’s microphone isn’t working. I know how frustrating it can be if you’ve been unable to. Android 

 Here are some reasons why the microphone doesn’t work 

  • Mobile network issues: Problems you are experiencing with your Android device’s microphone may be related to network issues. If you’re on a call and suddenly can’t hear the other person, there may be a network problem. 
  • Mic interference: Android mobile device microphones have openings, and debris can accumulate in the microphone over time and cause interference. You may also unknowingly put your finger on the microphone during the call. 
  • Third-party application: Android mobiles have third-party apps that can change the functionality of their device. It won’t damage your device’s hardware, but it might affect your microphone.

Here is some solution to fix the problem of the speaker of the phone:

  • If your phone’s microphone has stopped working, you should first reboot your device. It can be a minor issue, so rebooting the device may fix the microphone issue. 
  • If the headphone icon still appears on your mobile device after you unplug the headphones and your phone’s microphone still doesn’t work, reconnect the headphones to the headphone jack and unplug them again to clear the headphone icon.
  •  If your device’s volume is muted, the microphone may be broken. Go to your device’s sound settings and check if the call or media volume is very low or muted. In this case, increase your device’s call volume and media volume. 
  •  Some third-party apps installed on your Android mobile device use the microphone and may interfere with your phone’s microphone. If checking each app on your mobile device one by one is tedious and time-consuming, resetting your device is a quick way to fix any issues you’re having with your microphone.

Even if your phone speaker cannot be worked, you need a professional expert who can help you repair your phone’s broken speaker and find the root of the problem. However, broadway is the best choice that gives customers a high-quality phone repair service. The technicians at the broadway service center are professionals and can fix any problem you are having with your device. If the warranty of your device is still active, you may save lots of money on repairs.