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Battery Replacement

Why does my cell phone battery die so quickly? There can be multiple reasons for this problem, but the leading cause is more related to “carrying and charging habits” than anything else. 

Yes, you read that correctly. If your phone battery doesn’t last long, the main things to look out for are how you use your device, how you charge it, and what and how many apps you’re using. Some of these reasons may sound a bit obvious. That is why the phone’s screen is not working, Especially if the device is not too old.

Here are some tips that will help you to save the battery life of your phone:

  • Turn off features when not in use:

We know Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-fi, and mobile data (and, of course, a hotspot to share your internet) come under essential features of a smartphone. But these features drain most of the battery. Please turn it off when not used, especially when running out of battery. Turning battery saves mode and even Airplane mode during low battery power can help you sustain the battery for a long time.

  • Turn off Auto-sync: 

Many apps, including Gmail, Twitter, WhatsApp, and many more, auto-sync the data to constantly refresh them and to offer the latest updates. But remember, the more back-end work will be going on in your smartphone, the more it will take your battery power. You can turn it off by simply going to the Settings, Google account, and turning off auto-sync for all the apps you don’t need to get information from all the time. 

  • Get rid of on-screen widgets:

 Like to see all the information on your display? Then widgets must be one of your favorite features. But it wreaks havoc on your smartphone battery. You can delete the devices that are unnecessary to save the battery life of your smartphone.

  • Turn off the vibration mode:

Vibration takes more battery power than the ring tone. You may like to keep a mild pulse while typing or getting notified of a message or call. But it absorbs a good amount of your battery power. Going the other way can boost your smartphone battery life exceptionally. 

All batteries have an expiry date. If the phone battery dying so fast develops after 2-3 years of phone purchase, it may be time to replace the battery. To confirm it, check the battery health status when your phone is on charging. If your battery is not working correctly even after hours of charging, then you need to replace the battery on your phone. Broadway is here to help you. We have the best laptop and mobile repair services all over the UK.