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3 Purley Road, Purley CR8 2HA London Uk

Diagnostic Service

Most people want their cell phones and laptops to work appropriately without creating issues and problems. In this case, if you’re going to fix your phone and laptop don’t need to find someone else. We are trained and expert technicians in our repair store. We always prefer to use genuine parts and deal with authorized dealers. 

Broadway is here! We have experts who fix all laptops and mobiles and provide fast and trustworthy laptop repair services throughout the UK and London. You don’t need to worry about anything wrong with your computer and mobile. Our technicians are specialized in their work and are certified technicians of Mac and IBM. 

Many of us are unsatisfied with the local repair shop services, and you need someone to diagnose the problem and fix it as soon as possible. There are many problems with the mobile and laptops, such as broken screens, liquid damage problems, overheating problems, and battery replacement of laptops and mobiles. That is why a person needs someone who repairs their phone at affordable prices. 

In the UK, most people have iPhones, and if anything happens to their mobile phone, their frost preference is to go to the apple store. Still, as apple company mentioned, the warranty/ guarantee provided of one year at their product. After that, the repair services will be expensive. That is why they are looking for experts rather than apple stores. 

  • Water damage repair is also called a liquid damage problem, and it is essential to fix it in the beginning because if we ignore this problem after some time, it is one of those issues that is enabled to improve.
  • Data recovery is also one of the common issues that every typical local laptop repair shop in the UK cannot handle. We have the best technicians that also recover your data from your dead phone. 

Broadway is sorting out all your issues if something is happening with your phone after the fixing or repairing.If you have money-related or timing-related issues, the best option is Broadway. We have 24/7 availability, where you get some coupons and discounts available on most of the events.

We provide online repair, but our technicians are available at your doorstep if the problem is not resolved. But if the issue is not resolved, they take your device to the Broadway store, repair it there, and drop it off at your place.You can contact us through the official website.

We offer a more comprehensive range of services at their store and online platforms. You can tell us about your mobile issues in detail through email and request pages. Our stores are at the prime location where our clients and customers find us easily in the UK and London.