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Loudspeaker Repair

Modern smartphone phone speakers are challenging but don’t always hold up to dust and dirt. A software or app glitch on your device can also cause muffled audio output. Worse, the phone’s speaker completely stops working. If your phone’s speaker has stopped working, don’t worry because some simple fixes will make your speaker work again.

When your iPhone’s speakers stop working, so do many of the iPhone’s excellent features. Music may have stopped playing, you can’t make calls on speakerphone, you can’t hear the “bell” when you receive a text message or email, or your iPhone speaker is muffled. One thing is for sure, and the iPhone uses speakers a lot. 

Is my iPhone’s speaker broken?

 Being broken and not working are two different things. Run the iPhone speaker test to see if your phone has very little or no sound. Test ringtones and media tones and see if the iPhone speaker is not working during a call. 

To determine why your iPhone’s speaker isn’t working, you need to understand two things that happen every time your iPhone makes a sound. Software: iPhone software determines which sounds play when. Hardware: A speaker built into the bottom of the iPhone converts software instructions into audible sound waves.

What Causes iPhone Speakers to Stop Working? 

  • Hardware 

The speaker graphics iPhone speaker is one of the most vulnerable components in the iPhone. A speaker produces sound waves when a fragile material vibrates very quickly. Any damage to the material can cause the iPhone speaker to stop working entirely, produce static noise, or silence the speaker.

  •  Software 

 If the software isn’t working, the iPhone may not be sending the correct signals to the speaker, causing the speaker not to work at all or the iPhone’s speaker to be muffled. I have good news. Broadway can fix phone software problems at home. 

 The question is here! How to fix the broken speaker of the phone:

  • Make sure your phone is not on silent
  • Make Sure The Volume Is All The Way Up
  • Make Sure Your iPhone Isn’t Stuck In Headphones Mode
  • Make Sure Sound Isn’t Playing Somewhere Else
  • Restore Your iPhone

Repair Your iPhone Speaker through a professional expert:

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