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Display Issues

Why do people prefer MacBooks over other laptops? Why do people think that the MacBook is better than other laptops? What characteristics and features make a Macbook different from other laptops? Why is the Macbook more expensive than other laptops? These questions are tricky but always revolve around the mind of familiar people. According to […]

Battery Replacement

MacBook battery not charging problem means that you can turn on your MacBook, but the charger will not charge the battery. In other words, your MacBook primarily works well except for the battery charging function. If you have the MacBook, you receive a notification or a message on your screen such as: “You are now […]

Faulty Headphone Socket

Listening to music has become a massive part of using smartphones/iPhones. Many people, such as youngsters, prefer making calls through their headphones. Apart from your headphones, the other important part of the smartphone is the headphone socket/jack. Most ordinary people with limited knowledge about the smartphone only use it to call someone and do other […]

Docking & Charging Port

The charging port is the iPhone’s connective entry for most inter-related connections, and its primary purpose is to change the phone’s battery. The structural component is made up of a metallic configuration. It aids as the connector between attached devices, like a Mac, and a power source like a charger.  The features of a typical […]

Motherboard & Logic Board Repairs

We call the motherboard with Different names, such as: Logic boards,  System boards  Main boards.  A typical abbreviation used for the motherboard is “mobo.” Motherboards can be found in many electronic devices, from televisions to computers, and they are the main component to which other parts are connected. In an article about the logic board […]

Water Damage

If your phone got wet in the rain, dropped in water, and spilled liquid over it. It badly affects the working of the iphone. According to the latest study, 25% of smartphone users have damaged their smartphones with water or other liquid. Liquid penetrating a smartphone can affect the device in various ways. It could […]

Screen & LCD Replacement

The LCD screen of your iPhone is one of the most sensitive and vulnerable parts. LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display screens are commonly used in many electronic gadgets such as : TVs computer monitors. Mobile phones The screen is made up of ultra-thin layers: Two of those layers are polarized panels, between which is […]

Graphics Repairs

The MacBook is people’s first choice because of its operating system and graphics. It is an essential part of the computer, and If the MacBook/laptop graphics go wrong. What has happened with your laptop/ MacBook? You are working on a MacBook, and suddenly you analyze that there is a dot on the Macbook screen. At […]

SSD Upgrades

An SSD stands for Solid-state drive used as a storage device for new computers and laptops. Now-a-day, it is replacing the traditional hard drives in the laptop, and PC’s that work/ perform the same primary function of the hard drive as well. But as we know, there is a big difference between a regular hard […]

System Upgrades

When you buy a new laptop, you always want and will want the latest laptop/ MacBook with the latest features. But with time, new versions and features are introduced and launched in the market. Most of us can not afford to buy and bring a new laptop/ MacBook within a year. But with passage of […]