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Faulty Headphone Socket

Listening to music has become a massive part of using smartphones/iPhones. Many people, such as youngsters, prefer making calls through their headphones. Apart from your headphones, the other important part of the smartphone is the headphone socket/jack.

Most ordinary people with limited knowledge about the smartphone only use it to call someone and do other simple work. They get confused between the port/jack/socket. They are similar things, but people call them by different names. 

In most smartphones, the headphone socket/jack is firmly attached to the phone’s motherboard. So the extensive use, abuse, and foreign bodies of the socket would have most likely caused a loose headphone jack due to extensive use, abuse, or foreign bodies. 

People trying to figure out how to fix a faulty headphone port end up making it worse just because they don’t understand how it works. Most smartphones, such as the iphone these days, come in designs and think bodies that make them impossible to open without being damaged.

To fix a faulty headphone jack, you have to understand why my headphone jack is not working in the first place. A faulty headphone socket may either

  • Be mechanical damage (which will need an expert) 
  • A personal error (which you can take care of personally)

There is the following tip that will help you to fix your faulty portable headphones socket:

  1. Check your headphones:
    First, you should plug/ connect your headphones to other devices such as a laptop or smartphone and check whether your headphones are working correctly. Also, through this, you find that your headphone is faulty or your headphone jack.
  2. Check your Bluetooth settings:
    Ensure your phone isn’t connected to a different device through Bluetooth because it could prevent audio from coming through your headphones.
  3. Blockage issues of the socket:
    Many technicians think the blockage is one of the main issues, which is why the jack is not working. Blocage is because of the dust, dirt, and cloth particles. To tackle the blockage in a headphone jack, you can use a needle to clean dirt and remove the thread blocking it carefully.
  4. Check your phone audio settings:
    If your headphones don’t seem to be the problem, check your phone’s volume and audio settings by pressing the Volume buttons to ensure the sound isn’t muted or turned down.
  5. Mechanical damage:
    The experts considered that the reasons behind your headphone jack not being appropriately worked might be due to mechanical damage, which may be a result of:
    • An accident, 
    • Extensive use,
    • Forcing headphones 

As a person, you cannot fix the mechanical damage at home, and you need some expertise and experience to take care of this issue very carefully because it is complicated and dangerous. It would help if you had extra tools to fix it. 

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