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Water Damage

If your phone got wet in the rain, dropped in water, and spilled liquid over it. It badly affects the working of the iphone. According to the latest study, 25% of smartphone users have damaged their smartphones with water or other liquid.

Liquid penetrating a smartphone can affect the device in various ways. It could lead to:

  • blurry photos, if moisture gets trapped in the camera lens
  • ruffled audio, or no audio
  • liquid droplets under the screen
  • an inability to charge
  • the rusting of internal parts, or
  • a total end to all functionality.

Because of water damage, mobile companies launched new phones advertised as “water resistant” this doesn’t mean they are waterproof and immune to water. Water resistance implies the device can handle some exposure to water before substantial damage occurs.

How to fix a water-damaged iPhone?

If your iPhone dropped in water and you are wondering what to do, these are a few steps you need to take to recover from potential damage.

  • Turn the iPhone off immediately: This removes the chance that the phone will short circuit and need to be repaired.
  • Remove your case: if you have one or anything that might be trapping water in the phone.
  • Remove your iPhone sim card tray, which could also trap water.
  • Wipe your iPhone down with an absorbent cloth. Wrap a small piece of porous material around a toothpick or pin, and use this to soak up any water from the charging port, headphone jack, and sim card tray.
  • Please leave your phone in a dry place, and let it air for as long as possible without turning it on. Wait for as long as possible. It is the most crucial step.

But still, if your iphone is not dry and recovering properly, you might need an expert to help you fix your phone. For your help, Broadway is here! Our expert technicians have been repairing and doing restoration work on water/liquid damaged devices for the past 13 years.

We can guarantee the highest success rate with liquid damage on electronic devices with our state-of-the-art repair facility that is custom designed for the most intense liquid damage repair process. Our certified technicians have successfully repaired and restored thousands of mobile phones, laptops, and tablets with a 90 percent success rate.

We also offer a more comprehensive range of services in the UK and London. You can contact us through our official website and visit our nearby store any time. Our stores are open 24/7 in the prime location of the UK and London, so our loyal clients and customers find us easily.