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Motherboard & Logic Board Repairs

We call the motherboard with Different names, such as:

  1. Logic boards, 
  2. System boards 
  3. Main boards. 

A typical abbreviation used for the motherboard is “mobo.” Motherboards can be found in many electronic devices, from televisions to computers, and they are the main component to which other parts are connected. In an article about the logic board and motherboard, they stated that:

“Motherboard is a generic term, while a logic board is a brand-associated term.”

The only notable difference between a motherboard and a logic board is that a logic board is generally considered to be Macintosh. In contrast, a motherboard could be a Mac, PC, or any other computer. But the same components plug into both, like CPU, RAM, graphics cards, hard drives, and optical drives.

So the iphone or any other device such as a computer, laptop, and even an android smartphone does not work efficiently without the motherboard. And what if your iphone motherboard stops working? What happens when your iPhone suddenly turns off without any message or notification? 

Here we discuss a few causes that lead the motherboard/logic board not working effectively:

  1. Fall or drop (physical damage): Dropping the iPhone hard can cause damage to the motherboard as well. And can break the circuit that is regulated by the logic board. The pressure of the fall damages the motherboard and hence will require a logic board repair/replacement with the new one.
  2. Processor issues: Intense gaming or heavy applications can also load the motherboard. These simple games require a lot of traction from the processor, which can put pressure on the battery and ultimately cause damage to the motherboard; according to expert technicians, it is one of the most common issues for iphone users.
  3. Overheating damage: A problem many iPhone users can face with excessive phone use can lead to overheating and, ultimately, motherboard failure. The overheating issue is because of using the iPhone while charging or overcharging. Keeping the device plugged in even after it is fully charged can lead to an overload of power which can fry the logic board.

Broadway is one of the best mobile repair centers in the uk. We have 13 years of experience in the mobile phone industry, and we are still gaining our skills in everyday life when we deal with new devices and new problems. Our Mobile Expert team has highly skilled and experienced technicians in the industries. 

  • Whether you have a Water damaged Phone or a Damage Motherboard 
  • If your Mobile is turned off and but your necessary data is on the phone, our technicians recover all your mobile data
  • When the battery connector on the motherboard gets broken, your device will run only after putting it on charge. 

Our technicians not only recover your mobile data but also repair and replace your phone’s charging port. If you cannot visit our store, you can contact us through the official website and mail/ call us and tell us your iphone problem in detail. Our first preference is to resolve your issues as soon as we can.