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3 Purley Road, Purley CR8 2HA London Uk

Data Recovery

Data recovery is recovering data from the storage media stored for different reasons and is no longer accessible by normal means/methods. The data may be stored and written on the hard drive, which is damaged in some ways.  When you power on your laptop or the server with a broken hard drive, that’s why you […]

Laptop Not Booting

The laptop is not booting means the computer is not started/ turned on, and it shows the message such as laptop booting device is not found. The boot is the process without any error/ issue when you restart and start your computer/laptop. Every laptop and desktop computer has boot devices. A boot device is storage […]

Hardware Faults

The hardware in a computer is the physical and touchable components of the system. The typical hardware components of any computer include: the keyboard,  mouse/touchpad,  speakers, Hard drive   and anything else in the computer that the owner can touch.  It differs from software and the programs installed on the hardware. Hardware problems are common with […]

Virus Removal

Today new technologies and social media sites are launched, and many of us, such as professionals and business people, have the priority to save our clients’ data in safe places like the cloud and digital platforms. Because through this, they can access their data any time from anywhere.  As we know, with the passage of […]