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Data Recovery

Data recovery is recovering data from the storage media stored for different reasons and is no longer accessible by normal means/methods. The data may be stored and written on the hard drive, which is damaged in some ways. 

When you power on your laptop or the server with a broken hard drive, that’s why you cannot access data. But as we know, it is not the only reason behind the damage/ loss of data. There are many other reasons behind this, such as:

  • Overwriting 
  • Accidentally delete

Most of the time, data is stored on hard disk drives, breaking in different ways. We have data recovery services on desktop computers and laptops with computer storage media. Many computer systems have various services such as : 

  • RAID (reluctant arrays of independent disks) in a business
  • A desktop machine running Windows that is used to store the employee payrolls.
  • In the MAC, there is a graphical designer office. 

Causes of data loss:

But we know that today’s people in business, students, and professionals carry external hard drives in their bags. Many things are happening with the system’s hard drive; we lose important data. But along with that, we have servals and various options to recover data. 

Following are the reasons in resulting the data being lost:

  • Mechanical failure due to knock/shock
  • Electric failure,
  • Data corruption
  • Volume corruption


Broadway is one of the best and most reputed repair companies in the UK. We have more than 13 years of laptop repairing experience and offer/ deliver the best data recovery and transfer services throughout the United Kingdom. 

We have specialists and experts who know the latest techniques and methods to repair and recover the lost data. They handle everything very carefully and responsibly. They work with our clients to recover their lost data. 

We all know how essential data is; it doesn’t matter whether you are an individual or an organization; losing information leads you to massive disasters.For data recovery, you must try different devices, but all is in vain, so you need someone who is an expert and experienced in the data recovery field. We recover your data in 2-stages:

We identify the error in your hard drive, pull it out, connect it with a unique device, and transfer the data to a particular device.But if the data is deleted accidentally, then to recover the data, we use specialized hardware for reading platters on the disk, which requires taking the disk apart.For the data recovery, we also used specific and unique tools that help to recover data. We also transfer unlimited data with significant speed. 

We also offer and deliver our repairing services 24/7, and you also contact us through our website and call us on the phone. Our laptop repairing centers are prime locations where you can find us easily. You can contact us any time from anywhere in the UK and also can visit our repair centers any time. Our technicians always welcome our customers very warmly and respectfully.