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Laptop Not Booting

The laptop is not booting means the computer is not started/ turned on, and it shows the message such as laptop booting device is not found. The boot is the process without any error/ issue when you restart and start your computer/laptop. Every laptop and desktop computer has boot devices.

A boot device is storage hardware such as a hard disk drive, a solid-state drive, or maybe a partition on your storage device that identifies itself to your laptop/computer’s BIOS (your motherboard’s firmware) as a bootable storage device.

It identifies itself as a bootable device in two ways.

  • The bootable storage device identifies itself to the BIOS with what is known as a “handshake.” The motherboard looks at the storage device’s hardware identification that is encoded with details such as :
  1. manufacturer, model
  2. storage capacity
  3. storage speed
  4. interface connection
  5. Stream data.

and Many more

 The hard drive or flash drive has introduced itself to the system board.

  • The motherboard keeps a prioritized list of all the storage devices attached to the PC, and This is called the boot sequence or boot order. The first device that might identify as a boot device is the one your PC will boot from. The motherboard triggers an instruction set to locate the device’s boot sectors and master boot record (MBR), and the MBR starts Windows.

Cause of laptop not booting:

Following are the reasons for the laptop not booting:

  1. Corruption drives
  2. Software that is not entirely or correctly installed
  3. Maybe the systems are not shut down correctly 
  4. Abrupt power outage.

Always remember that the virus/ malware infection destroys/ completely messes up the boot sequences.   


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