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Hardware Faults

The hardware in a computer is the physical and touchable components of the system. The typical hardware components of any computer include:

  • the keyboard, 
  • mouse/touchpad, 
  • speakers,
  • Hard drive  
  • and anything else in the computer that the owner can touch. 

It differs from software and the programs installed on the hardware. Hardware problems are common with a wide range of computers because of:

  • any broken piece, 
  • a damaged area 
  • A minor annoyance with the hardware affects the entire computer.

Following of the most common laptop and PC hardware problems that need troubleshooting:

  • Your computer won’t turn on.
  • Your laptop turns on but still doesn’t work.
  • Your computer screen freezes.
  • Your computer has insufficient memory.
  • You get a CMOS error.
  • Your operating system is missing, or your hard drive isn’t detected.
  • You get the blue screen of death.

Regarding hardware, some techs may have trouble assessing what steps to take to determine what’s wrong and how to repair it. Which component is having the issue? Should you replace the part? Should you try to troubleshoot the software first? 

When your laptop and PC are not usually working and are stuck somewhere in the most critical professional assignment, you need someone who helps you without wasting your essential time. We try to handle the situation, but you cannot understand what is happening with your laptop. 

Broadway is one of the best and most reputed laptop repair centers in the uk, which has been working for the last ten years. We started our work as a local laptop repair company in London. Still, over time, people are satisfied with our working style and services, now our stores are located at various prime locations all over the uk. 

We are here on short notice to help you. Our technicians are experts and know all laptop repair knowledge, so you don’t need to worry about your laptop. Many of the local companies don’t take responsibility for your laptop data. But our technicians not only repair your device and also recover all your laptop data.

We deliver the best laptop repairing and replacement services. We have three repairing steps in our repair process:

  1. Our technicians identify the problem with your laptop. 
  2. If the laptop part is repairable, they will repair other components not affected responsibly and responsibly. But if the laptop part is unrepairable, we have the replacement option. We replaced the part of the laptop/ PC.
  3. Our technicians test the working and then hand over the device to the owner. 

 Most of the time, many people cannot visit our store because they are busy with certain other things. So we repair remotely even if it will not repair then the expert technicians of our team will be reached at your doorstep. 

Many people are concerned that the part we replace is good in quality. It is our policy that we only use genuine and high-quality products. We never compromise on the quality of the products. We purchase our product from authorized dealers. 

 You can contact us through our online page and website. No matter where you are in the UK, our expert technicians are always available 24/7 in our laptop repairing centers in the UK.