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Volume Button Repair

If the buttons on your Android phone stop working, don’t rush to contact our support team just yet. Here are some things you can try to fix a broken phone button yourself. If that doesn’t work, seek professional help. 

  1.  Check if the button is dead :

A product defect can break the button. To confirm that the key is indeed invalid, we recommend that you follow the basic investigative steps that accompany it. 

  1. Phone Reboot: The first thing you need to do is a simple reboot. Because it resumes all its essential benefits and activates the middle segment of the phone in case something goes wrong or fails. It is believed that rebooting may compromise internal associations. 
  2. Clean the volume buttons. If there is dirt or dust around them, clean them. The volume buttons on the phone are very sensitive; when dirty, they become sluggish or completely unresponsive. If the button is sticky, use cotton and rubbing alcohol. Clean the charging port and headphone jack. Often the problem is with the plug; too much dirt or dust inside. Use a toothpick to clean the connector gently. Also, clean the headphone jack. Many users who faced this issue were finally able to fix it by cleaning the charging port and headphone jack. Remove all dirt and dust. Once done, try the volume up and down with the physical buttons. 
  3. Water damage? KEEP DRY: If your phone buttons stop working in a water accident, there’s nothing you need to do just yet. First, you must ensure your smartphone’s inside is completely dry. You can use several techniques to save a phone that has fallen into the water. Please turn off your device immediately and allow it to dry before you begin testing. 
  4.  Get Professional Help: In many situations, you should be able to find the answer. Especially for dead volume keys, an online expert should get the job done. Of course, your ultimate solution is to go to a supervised location and get competent help. Ideally, as long as it’s not water damaged and the phone is still under warranty, it won’t cost you anything. You’ll need a third party to fix it, but you don’t have to worry about having the best service at Broadway.

Broadway is one of the best mobile repair centers in London and the UK. the core competency of Broadway is their expert technicians who handle all the problems that are related to the phone very carefully and responsibly. They use the latest techniques and methods to fix the volume button issue. But if your phone’s volume button is broken, then they replace it in no time at the very minimum charges.