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Rear Camera Repair

The rear-facing camera is also known as a back-facing camera on the back of a smartphone, tablet, or other devices that point away from the user. It has the same orientation as a regular camera and is the standard camera on a cell phone. The back-facing camera nearly always has a higher megapixel count than a front-facing camera in the phone and is the primary camera used to take pictures.

Why do new and the latest phones have multiple rear cameras?

As phone technology advances, so does mobile camera technology. As a result, many cameras include multiple rear cameras with 2, 3, or 4 cameras. they can get a professional photography experience on their smartphone. 

They can expand their recording capabilities by adding another camera. Use the optical zoom for sharp close-ups, or switch to a broader field of view to capture more of the scene. In some cases, cameras can work together to make their photos better. 

The recent addition of a depth view camera for Galaxy smartphones brings photos and augmented reality capabilities. Whether the Samsung Galaxy smartphone has 2, 3, 4, or more rear-facing cameras, they work independently to deliver a revolutionary mobile camera experience and unique photos. It offers a gallery full of videos and more.

There could be many causes for the Android camera problem – from hardware malfunction to software conflict in the device. Many users reported, ‘Unfortunately, the camera has stopped’ or ‘camera crashing’ error on Android when they used the portable flashlight and camera app together. So there can be various reasons.

Some common reasons for the ‘Unfortunately camera have stopped’ error are:

  • Low storage space in phone
  • Incomplete Android update
  • Bug or virus in the mobile
  • Third-party apps installed on the phone

errors on Android devices, such as

  • Error message ‘Warning: Camera Failed.’
  • The front/ back camera is not working on Android
  • The mobile camera keeps stopping
  • Camera app freezes or crashes

The troubleshooting methods shared can be applied to any make and model of Android phone, including Samsung, OnePlus, LG, Motorola, HTC, and others.

Methods to fix ‘Unfortunately, Camera has stopped’ Error on Android

  1. Restart the Camera
  2. Turn off/ on the Android Device
  3. Update Android software
  4. Clear the Camera app cache files
  5. Clear the Camera Data Files
  6. Clear Cache & Data Files of Gallery App
  7. Use Safe Mode
  8. Free up the space on the phone and SD card
  9. Format Android SD card and reinsert
  10. Factory reset the Android phone

If the mobile phone camera is not working after these methods, then we need an expert to repair your mobile phone’s rear camera. Broadway is here to fix all problems related to laptops and mobile phones. Do not have to worry anymore and contact us through our official store number and website. We also provide online services 24/7 in London and the UK. 

We provide the best services at affordable charges. Our technicians are the best in the UK because most people want to find the exact issues on their phone and will help without fees.