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Front Camera Repair

The most significant breakthrough in the history of smartphone cameras is the introduction of the front (selfie) camera. So many social apps rely on the front-facing Camera, and most devices use it as a biometric security measure to unlock the device. It’s irreplaceable hardware in every device. But what if the front-facing Camera doesn’t work on your Android? We’ve got you covered.

If your mobile front camera is not working, then here are some tips and steps to fix the issue with your front Camera:

  • Switch off your device:

If the app doesn’t work or keeps crashing, please stop all activities and shut down your phone. Turn it off for 10-15 minutes, then turn it on again. This fix resolves a software bug that may have caused the Camera not to work due to an Android malfunction and also improves the overall performance of Android devices.

  • Reboot your device:

If you notice the Camera not working on your Android phone (for example, when you launch the app, the error “Camera is not working” appears immediately), do not hesitate to restart your device. Please give me, especially if you have a device. They are used for a long time. It takes less than 2 minutes. Rebooting restarts the device’s system and cleans up the memory.

  • Recharge your battery when the battery is low:

Is the camera screen dark? You should check how much power your phone has got.

When your Android phone’s battery is significantly low, your Camera may not work. The app will open. However, there will be a note just above the camera icons telling you to charge your device.

  • Internal problem:

Is your iPhone front camera not working after you have tried everything? It may have internal damage, and Your phone may have been dropped in water or left in a humid place. Water could have gotten inside and damaged the Camera. Extreme heat or cold can have similar effects. You’ll need to take it to get repaired.

  • Get professional help:

If the phone camera is not working by now, you must take your phone to a professional repair center urgently. Your Android camera problem is most likely hardware related and would require a replacement.

Broadway is here to help you! We have the best team of experts and technicians. So feel free to contact us through our official website. You also visit our stores any time and get our services through online services.

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